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The iKobo Name

In the mountains near a certain village, grow trees that bear chestnuts, which are called "Kobo" chestnuts. These trees bear fruit very young, even when they are only 3 feet high.

Hundreds of years ago, there was a big chestnut tree on this same pass. Some were able to climb it to pick its chestnuts, but many could not. One day a traveling priest passed by, and saw those saddened by the inability to reach into the big tree. The priest said, "You shall be able to pick the chestnuts from next year on."

The next year every small young chestnut tree bore chestnuts so that everyone could pick them easily. The villagers thought that the traveling priest must have been St. Kobo, and since then, they have called the trees Kobo chestnut trees.

The company is like a Kobo tree, providing money transfer and financial services to all who desire, but with greatly improved access. We are a new tree - bearing fruit early - and growing all the while.

About Us

iKobo was founded in 2001 to offer the market a better, faster, safer and more economical solution to international person-to-person money transfers. Leveraging modern technologies and an on-line customer interface, iKobo today offers a secure solution that is vastly superior to traditional agent-dependent companies. iKobo uses an open network of VISA merchants and ATMs numbering more than 25 million which is more convenient and safe to send and receive money than a closed network of independent agents. iKobo allows consumers to use credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts on-line to send a re-loadable Visa® Prepaid Card to recipients. The card is the key to giving consumers the convenience, safety and security of receiving money in an environment managed by VISA - the global leader in payments. The assurance of privacy and security for customers is why we trust VISA and our other processing partners.

iKobo is managed by people who have extensive experience in money transfer, consumer payments, transaction processing and data security. They understand how important each and every transaction is to their customers and are committed to earning your business.

iKobo is part of the M2 Global, Ltd. suite of financial products for businesses and consumers that includes financial transaction processing systems, the initiation and settlement of electronic payments, online transaction processing, debit card transactions, online funds authorization, settlement systems, and the world's leading fraud prevention technology. iKobo is managed by M2 Financial, Ltd, a wholly owned division of M2 Global.

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